Wellness Series Information Nights in Bashaw

Just a reminder that I will be speaking in Bashaw on Tuesday, April 23 as well as on Tuesday April 30 and you are welcome to attend or share this information with your friends and family.

Healthy Can Be Normal. Simple is Good

Beautiful herbs

Food As Medicine; What Simple Food Choices Can You Make for a Healthy Thriving Life

Remember, Simple is Good and that is something I will be returning to over and over again in my talks on Holistic Health. In my Happy Easter and News from Loving Your Home post I shared with you some of the simple ways I’ll be bringing Holistic Health information to the Website and classes in the near future.

Bashaw and Area Community Resource Centre has asked me to present on the topic of Healthy Living Choices in their Wellness series:

Contact information for Bashaw and Area Community Resource Centre if you do wish to let them know that you will attend.

Facebook and Instagram: @BashawCRC

Box 568

4909 50 Street, Bashaw, Alberta T0B 0H0, Canada

Ph. 780-372-4074 Fx. 780-372-3951

Looking forward to seeing you if you are able to join me!

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