The Littles blog posts

Rebecca Jacobson

Hi there, thanks for dropping by! I’m a firm believer that the world needs your home, whatever your vocational state in life may be. Even if you are single, the world needs your home — however transitory — because it needs the particular way in which you cultivate beauty in and around you. I love literature, writing, being outdoors and various homemaking pursuits; hence, the idea for these blog posts. I’m Roman Catholic and I approach life from the perspective of Church Tradition and Scripture. Following a desire to learn and grow in my faith, I was blessed to receive a bachelor’s degree in Catholic Studies from Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College, Ontario. God continues to bless me as I work in my local community. My family is my inspiration, and their farm — a place we have named “The Shire” — is my home. I hope my bits of writing bring you joy and inspire you to find the ‘littles’ in your own world!