Home Remedies for Cold and Flu Prevention

Our Chicken or Turkey Miracle Soup for Cold and Flu (see link below for the recipe)

Fall season generally rings in allergies, more indoor activities with either forced air heat or, in our case, wood heat. As well, cold and flu are generally quite common for most of us. However, the more we can keep our nutritional status up, our allergy triggers lowered, a good amount of rest for everyone, and lots of liquids, the more likely we can readily recover from whatever symptoms and illness are going around (colds, flu, chicken pox, measles, and various other well know illnesses).

A walk in the fall over freshly fallen leaves with lovely sunshine and crisp fresh air do wonders for our health!

On a regular basis, before anyone gets sick, I try to ensure that everyone is getting a good amount of sleep, relaxation, recreation, and wholesome nutrition. Everyone’s needs in these areas will be different, your family’s needs will be too. What are some ways to determine what your needs might be? Do you have allergies, food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies? Not everyone is aware of these…..could just be an inkling you have about your dear ones and if you do, go with it. You are probably right! Just listen carefully to your family members comments about “how they feel” sometimes, their energy levels, are they sleeping well, do meals sit well in their tummy? These are some ways to determine some nutritional needs.

And playing with pets is so relaxing for everyone!

Chicken or Turkey Miracle Soup

Our favourite recipe can be found on our family farming website:

Cold and Flu Checklist

Here is a checklist I developed that can be adapted for your families for Cold and Flu Prevention; keep in mind I am not a medical Professional and I am not making any health claims.

Rather, these are suggestions based on what has helped our family to stay as healthy as possible. Use your own judgment and common sense based on your own families needs, allergies, sensitivities and what you think works best for you.

Whole foods are the best sources of vitamins and minerals rather than supplements. That is definitely my first suggestion! Supplements and herbs are there when needed if used wisely. Again, we try to get as much of our nutrient needs from foods sources. For example, raw Sauerkraut provides an excellent source of Vitamin C instead of supplementation. Probiotic rich homemade yogurt or Kefir provides daily requirements for probiotic rather than an expensive supplement, fermented red onions and Green tea as well as Elderberry tea provide Quercetin (which has antihistamine like qualities). The list goes on.

Fermenting Red onions

It just goes to show that we don’t necessarily need supplements; Our Heavenly Father has provided all we need in properly prepared holistic food sources! More on that topic another day!

DateHolistic Health Ideas

Daily sunshine, fresh air, rest, and fun! Laughter with each other.

butter daily especially for breakfast (animal fat)
Dailyprobiotic food daily such as milk kefir (replenishes probiotics), Kombucha (half a bottle a day as a pick-me up)
DailySauerkraut as a preventative and for tummy upset and for Vitamin C
DailyProbiotic yogourt for animal fat and to feed the good bacteria

Cod liver oil daily (1 tsp up to 1 tablespoon though usually not more than this amount)

bacon regularly for animal fat and energy.  Save the drippings/fat for adding to cooking, to oatmeal
Dailyanimal fat and some kind of meat for breakfast will really carry you throughout the day

Stay hydrated

Make Chicken soup and put a container or two in the freezer for when someone wakes up with a scratchy throat

Daily Supplements/etc 
DailyVitamins B Complex if low on energy
WeeklyOysters (they have zinc)

Cold/Flu Prevention
DailyVitamin C 500mg per day
Lots of liquids; water, lemon tea to stay hydrated
DailyCod liver oil up to 1 Tbsp per day (for food source of Vitamin D and A)
DailyCoconut oil 1 tbsp per day
Daily Ginger tea/Hibiscus tea (for inflammation and Vitamin C)
DailyElderberry tea daily (for Quercetin)
DailyBone broth daily as able, especially Chicken or Turkey Miracle Soup
Dailyprobiotic food daily, especially Sauerkraut (see daily above too) and Red onion (for Quercetin)


Green tea (similar effect to Quercetin) 

Cold/Flu items if exposed

Follow Cold/Flu Prevention plus instructions below: 

Elemental Zinc 15 mg up to 4 time a day for 7 days (total is 60mg per day) with copper rich foods such as Spirulina, Cheddar cheese, Cacao powder, shrimp, pumpkin and sesame seeds)

Quercetin 500mg 2 times a day for 7 days

Vitamin C 2000mg per day for 7 days

Vitamin D 1000 mg for 7 days

Bone Broth: lots and lots

Oil of Oregano : up to 4 drops daily (antibiotic) (take probiotic foods as well for good micro-biome health)

Rest and sleep

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  1. Hi Cindy!
    Thank for this informative Post! It is very much appreciated ! I would like to add a small bowl full or handfuls of fresh organic spinach & arugula as snack or salad with some Virgin Olive Oil & Goat Feta is nourishing & chokeful of necessary vitamins as well!
    Thank you,

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