From Homesteading to World Traveller to Family farming

My favourite place in the house, my kitchen

Hello! I am so glad you are here! My name is Cindy and I have a passion for education and encouraging others. I grew up homesteading and cooking big meals on my family sheep farm. Cooking a full meal, baking, and cleaning up the mess was something I did from a very young age; while I helped on the farm with the sheep and gardening, my passion was cooking and my Mom gave me full opportunity to develop it! Homemaking, organizing, decorating,and teaching were my next passions.

Married to my hero!

My husband and I have been married almost 28 years, raised our children Christian (Catholic) to love our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother Mary, we home-schooled for all of that time except for 1 year of Kindergarten, and I realized my dream of teaching in Asia through homeschooling. In some parts of Asia, children are expected to be in school by age 3, otherwise they wouldn’t get into the best grade schools, the best High Schools……. then getting the best jobs…… So, not wanting to send our children to school so young yet not knowing very much about home-school…..we taught at home. I have remained at home as a homemaker, and home educator, with a passion for decorating, organizing, educating and encouraging others. We travelled throughout the world with small children and as they grew up, renovated our flat in Asia and were blessed to have it featured in a local magazine. We have moved our family and belongings across continents, from the city to farming, sold family homes, and recovered from serious illnesses which inspired our family on a path towards raising our own food and running our farming operation. Feel free to visit our farm website for direct market lamb, turkey and turkey products (like amazing sausages!) and other products when available.

Sheep grazing on a lovely summer day

Everything homemaking is my passion and joy: hence Simple Organizing, Rustic Decorating, Manageable Gardens and Preserving, Graceful Inspirations for Homemaking, and Natural and Non-toxic are all topics of immense interest that I have researched for over 35 years (some I’ve been learning from my Mom and others since I was little, the rest I’ve researched and studied on my own). I completed a Bachelor of General Studies Degree shortly after our first child was born and then turned my attention towards full time homemaking.

Setting up my greenhouse. English gardens next!

I love lacy curtains, pretty garden furniture on our deck, feminine outfits, dates with my husband, English gardens, purposeful homemaking, professional organizing, and a strong cup of Coffee! I’d love to hear about your interests, passions, hopes and dreams in the comment section. And I look forward to you journeying with me as I hope to encourage you in Loving Your Home.

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