Happy Easter and news from Loving Your Home!

8 months is a long time! What has been happening with Loving Your Home you might ask……

First of all, HAPPY EASTER.

These last few months we’ve had an incredible opportunity to see God’s providential hand watching over our family as we faced some health challenges that could have meant losing a couple of our dear loved ones, yet thanks to God’s graces, acute care intervention, and holistic health, my dear family members are recovering well! Our motto over at Country Rustic Solutions, Healthy Can Be Normal still holds true for us!

Healthy Can Be Normal

Since my last post about the Dosa class, many eventful things have happened in the life of our family that meant I had to take a long break from writing. Instead of writing, I’ve been focused on studying Christian Family Herbalism with the School of Christian Herbalism, studying for my Certification as a GAPS Coach (more on that later), and most importantly, the privilege of spending the last number of months as care-giver during our two family members’ major health crisis.

This year I’ve taken a break from planting my own seedlings; I’m keeping things simple and I’ll pick up a few plants from my local greenhouse where she grows amazing plants!

One of the biggest health challenges for us these past eight months was my husband’s heart attack in August. It was certainly unexpected considering we try to eat and live a healthy lifestyle. However, we are learning so much about heart health and my course work to become Certified as a GAPS Coach was providential timing for learning more about holistic health.

Some of my favourite books for Holistic Health

Brad and I decided to reduce our sheep flock as well as take some time for healing and regrouping. He has been recovering marvellously! We still have a few sheep ourselves; however, our son and daughter in law will be the main shepherds on the farm now. Brad is examining other options, some related to woodworking; this is a wonderful opportunity for us to try new ventures, some of which we are excited to share with you here at Loving Your Home.

Spring lamb

New inspiration

And we celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary! I am truly grateful for Brad’s return to health and for all the amazing ways he has supported me as I studied this year. As always, he is my biggest cheerleader. He is my hero.

Now that spring is here and my dear family members are doing well, I have a lot of inspiring things to share here at Loving your Home. It seems I have about a year’s worth of material that I am excited to share with you! Here are a few of the things that I’ll be sharing on the website in written and possibly video format!

Remember, simple is good! Holistic Health has been a passion of mine for over 30 years; the most important lesson I’ve learned is that we can take care of many chronic health concerns at home but often not the immediate acute type. Once the acute phase is over, there is much we can do to support the body in order to restore health. When we know how to support the body through nutrition and simple detoxification measures as well as what ways we can help our body when we have illness, then we feel more competent in caring for our family and ourselves. There are many simple ways to care for our family that can provide the body with what it needs to restore itself, whether it is a cold, a flu, or a chronic illness. I look forward to sharing more about easy budget friendly nutritional ideas for serving nutrient dense foods to your family (like making meat stock), Family Herbalism and simple ways you can use culinary herbs to support your body during illness (such as growing and using Italian herbs for tea when you have a cold coming on), gentle detoxification with supplies you likely have on hand at home (like epsom salt baths and getting out into the sunshine a few minutes each day), food sourced probiotics (such as cabbage tonic, beet kvass, and pickled cucumbers), rather than purchasing probiotics we can make them at home and they are even more powerful than supplements, Heart health support (such as eating beets and organ meat), and healthy fats (such as rendering lard) to relieve fatigue and tiredness. I’m beginning to share via classes and workshops in person or online. These will be simple and attainable things that you can easily add to your homemaking one little item at a time if you like.

We are ready to write again!

I will be speaking in Bashaw in April for two Sessions on Making Healthy Choices. Feel free to join me!

Simple nourishing food; easy to grow cherry tomatoes, eggs from your local farmer or backyard hens, and an orange.

Cabbage tonic. Super simple to make!

Easy to render lard

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  1. Prayers and love to you all. I’m going to make a note on your classes since we’ll be in the area then.

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